Devenir - Festival de Chaillol - France

Devenir - Festival de Chaillol - France
Inspired by the two themes proposed by the Organization, the forest and the vertical landscape, I take this opportunity to repeat once again a subject very dear to my heart: the Indian populations of the region of Alto Xingu in the Amazon.

This theme was developed three years ago in the exhibition at the "Magazzini del Sale" Cervia (Italy).
In this occasion I proposed an installation with the fishes, inspired to the traditional masks of this population.
For this installation I added a second important element of this theme, the canoes.
On this occasion, I represent this installation as a vertical landscape in which we found the cycle of the water in a tropical forest of the Amazon, and the water is the expression of the "fate" of life.

The rain , the cycle of life and the Amazon are the most significant example of the water cycle on Earth, a way to attract attention to the preservation of this precious natural environment.


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